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We aim to equip industry members through skills enhanmcement training.


Achieving excellency in your field of expertise through specialized skill training.


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We aim to provide quality, relevant and cost effective training for members of the maritime industry that will empower our graduates to successfully meet the challenges of the ever changing landscape of the maritime global economy.

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Mass Flow Meter Familiarization CourseCourse Duration : 1 Days
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Director's Message

Daniel Phua1The bunker industry as part of the Singapore Maritime Hub, has developed into the world’s first choice bunkering port.

Alongside this growth, there is an increasing demand for  qualified, skilled and well trained manpower across all sectors of the industry comprising of the Suppliers, Bunker Craft operators, Bunker Inspection Bodies as well as other industry stakeholders.

The introduction of new technology in bunkering, e.g. Mass Flow Meter poses additional challenges for the frontline labour force.

AIMS is committed to provide the necessary training for the workforce to enable them to raise their knowledge, skills , competency and qualifications for better employability and productivity. We work towards the promotion of the standardization of the bunkering process as well as to impart the pricnciples of good work ethics and professionalism among the work force of the industry.

We do this by developing and delivering relevant, quality and cost effective training programs which facilitates the learning process for the participants to become a valuable asset of their respective organisations.

Our priority is to our customers and students towards their achievement of the skill sets.

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The Mass Flow Meter Familiarization course will start on September 2016.

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